Behind the Waves
Five Short Stories About Depression

Behind the Waves is a collection of 5 interlinked short stories. Four comics and one short prose, all touch upon the cyclical nature of depression.

Like songs on a concept album they can be enjoyed separately, but reveal more when read in the intended sequence.

Pages will be published weekly here at, from August 2019.

The Stories

In The Problem with…, failed writer Bartelby Butler isn’t prepared for the response his rant on the nature of art receives.

In It Creeps In, the employee of an alien tourist board is in for a dark surprise when he visits a tiny blue planet called Earth.

Embrace It finds a man haunted by the recurrent sight of a suicide that may or may not have happened.

A prose entry, To See Beyond the Skyglass follows a man haunted by visions of the future he witnessed as a small child, and betrayed by his own memory of those visions. Also released seperately in digital form (available now).

In Always Forward, two rats endure a ruined world in which rampant nanotechnology has dissolved all mammals larger than a newborn human.

About the Author

Carl Doherty is but a web designer, graphic designer and copywriter by day, but by night he's a comic blogger at, and self-publisher of genre-defying works at


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